jīng     to go through / to experience

繁体 traditional: 經
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语法 grammar: 动词 Verb
笔记 notes: 经 jīng is synonymous in this sense with 经过 jīngguò. For example, 经研究发现 'after research, discovered ...' (Gu Sou Henan, 2015-10-15) This example can be generalized to the pattern 经 (process) (state S) 'go through process P to arrive at state S.' In the example, the process is 研究 'research' and the state was that something was 发现 'discovered.' The subject is implied. The valency is three. 经 jīng also chains verbs together. Notice in the example that both arguments, 研究 'research' and 发现 'discover' are verbs. 经 jīng is the 97th most frequent word in the Beijing Language Institute's 1985 frequency wordlist (Ho, 2002, '经'). 经 jīng is also used in this sense in classical Chinese (GHDC 2007 '经' 9). For example, 熊經鳥申 'passing their time like the (dormant) bear, and stretching and twisting (the neck) like a bird' (Zhuangzi, Ingrained Ideas 《莊子‧刻意》; Legge 1891)
上概念 parent concept: 行为 (Actions)
话题 topic: 常用词汇 (Frequently Used Words)

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