繁体 traditional:
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语法 grammar:
笔记 notes: In this sense, 一 is used in counting items (NCCED '一' 1; Ho, 2002, '一' 1). For example, 一个中心 'one center.' (Xinhua Net, 2015-12-25) Tone sandhi 变调 modifies yī to yì when it is followed by a first, second or third tone. For example, 一年 yì nián 'one year'. Also, yī becomes yì when it is followed by a fourth tone. For exmaple, 一条 yì tiáo 'one strand' (Sun 2006, loc. 545). 一 is the 2nd most common word in the 1985 Beijing Language Insititue frequency wordlist (Ho, 2002, '一').
上概念 parent concept: 数量 (Quantity)
话题 topic: 现代汉语 (Modern Chinese)

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