rén     person / people / a human being

繁体 traditional:
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语法 grammar: 名词 Noun
笔记 notes: The measure word 个 is most frequently used. For example, 他们四个人 'the four of them' (Lao She, 2003, p. 224). However, other measure words, such as 口 and 名, may also be used. No measure word is used when referring to large numbers of people. For example, 数百万人 'millions of people.' (VOA, 2015-07-25) 人 is a common word in both modern and literary Chinese (Kroll '人' 1). 人 is the eighth most frequently used word in the Beijing Language Institute's 1985 frequency wordlist (CCD '人' 1; FE '人' 1; Ho, 2002, '人' 1, NCCED '人' 1).
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