fǒu     to negate / to deny

繁体 traditional:
语法 grammar: 动词 Verb
笔记 notes: 否 is a function word in both modern and literary Chinese. In Literary Chinese it is often used when the verb it negates is omitted, especially in reply to a question. For example, ...則王許之乎?」曰:「否。」 '... would your Majesty allow what he said?' 'No,' was the answer,'' (Meng 1A/7, trans James Legge) It is also used in positive / negative alternative questions (Pulleyblank 1995, p. 103). For example, 如此,則動心否乎?'In such a position would your mind be perturbed or not?' (Meng 1A/7, trans James Legge)
上概念 parent concept: 虚词 (Function Words)
话题 topic: 现代汉语 (Modern Chinese)

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