jiǔ     wine / liquor / spirits / alcoholic beverage

繁体 traditional:
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语法 grammar: 名词 Noun
笔记 notes: 酒 is a generic word for alcoholic beverages in both literary and modern Chinese (Unihan '酒'). For example, in literary Chinese, 種種藥草。合和米麯甘蔗汁中。能變成酒。 'Take many kinds of medicinal herbs and mix them together with rice, yeast, and sugar cane juice and they will turn into wine.' (Collection of Meanings and Terms in Translation, Scroll 3, T 2131 《翻譯名義集‧卷第三》)
概念 concept: 酒 Alcoholic Beverage
话题 topic: 饮食 (Food and Drink)

量词 Measure words:

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