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míng measure word for people 量词 Measure Word (measure word) (ABC 'míng' m; NCCED '名' 10)
míng fame / renown / reputation 名词 Noun (noun) In the sense of 名誉; FGS translation standard: fame (ABC 'míng' 名 bf 2; Kroll '名' 2; NCCED '名' 7)
míng a name / personal name / designation 名词 Noun (noun) In this sense 名 means 名字. For example, 君子去仁,惡乎成名? 'If a superior man [junzi] abandon virtue, how can he fulfill the requirements of that name?' (Lunyu 4:5, trans. by Legge 1861; ABC 'míng' 名 bf 1; Kroll '名' 1; NCCED '名' 1; Unihan '名')
míng rank / position 名词 Noun (noun) Especially, in a competition or exam; in the sense of 名次 (ABC 'míng' 名 bf 3; NCCED '名' 9; Unihan '名')
míng an excuse 动词 Verb (verb) (NCCED '名' 5)
míng life 名词 Noun (noun)
míng to name / to call 动词 Verb (verb) (Kroll '名' 1; NCCED '名' 1)
míng to express / to describe 动词 Verb (verb) (NCCED '名' 3)
míng to be called / to have the name 动词 Verb (verb) (NCCED '名' 4)
míng to own / to possess 动词 Verb (verb) (NCCED '名' 6)
míng famous / renowned 形容词 Adjective (adjective) (ABC 'míng' 名 bf 4; Kroll '名' 2a; NCCED '名' 8)
míng moral 形容词 Adjective (adjective) (Kroll '名' 3)

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