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duì to / toward 介词 Preposition (preposition) As a directive preposition (Guoyu '對' prep; Sun 2006, loc. 1743)
duì to oppose / to face / to regard 动词 Verb (verb) (Guoyu '對' v 4; Unihan '對')
duì correct 形容词 Adjective (adjective) (Guoyu '對' adj 2; Unihan '對')
duì pair 量词 Measure Word (measure word) (Guoyu '對' n 3)
duì opposing 形容词 Adjective (adjective) (Guoyu '對' adj 1)
duì duilian / couplet 名词 Noun (noun) An abbreviation for 对联, a popular form of poetry of two lines, often used for inscrptions (Guoyu '對' n 2; Idema and Haft, 1997, p. 108).
duì yes / affirmative 动词 Verb (verb) In response to a yes / no question (Guoyu '對' v 1; Sun 2006, loc. 1903)
duì to treat / to regard 动词 Verb (verb) (Guoyu '對' v 3)
duì to confirm / to agree 动词 Verb (verb) In the sense of 相合 or 投合 (Guoyu '對' v 5)
duì to correct / to make conform 动词 Verb (verb) (Guoyu '對' v 7)
duì to mix 动词 Verb (verb) (Guoyu '對' v 9)
duì a pair 名词 Noun (noun) (Guoyu '對' n 1)

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