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Simplified 简体Traditional 繁體Pinyin 拼音English 英文Grammar 语法Notes 注释
gàn dry / clean 形容词 Adjective (adjective)
gàn to work / to do / to manage 动词 Verb (verb)
gàn tree trunk / main part 名词 Noun (noun)
Gān Gan 专名 Proper Noun (proper noun)
gān Kangxi radical 51 名词 Noun (noun) (ABC back cover; GHC p. 7)
gān hollow / empty / meaningless 形容词 Adjective (adjective)
gān to only have the appearance of 形容词 Adjective (adjective)
gān ineffective 形容词 Adjective (adjective)
gān not needing water 形容词 Adjective (adjective)
gàn to hold a governmental office or post / to assume office of / to take charge of / to serve as 动词 Verb (verb)

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