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jiāo to teach / to educate / to instruct 动词 Verb (verb) In the sense of 教育 (ABC 'jiāo' 教 v; CCD jiāo '教'; FE 2 '教'; Unihan '教')
jiào to teach / to educate 动词 Verb (verb) In the sense of 教育 (ABC 'jiào' 教 bf 1; CCD jiào 1 '教' 1; FE '教' 3; Unihan '教')
jiào to make / to cause 动词 Verb (verb) In this sense 教 is synonymous with 叫 (CCD jiào 2 '教'; FE '教' 6).
jiào religion 名词 Noun (noun) In the sense of 宗教 (ABC 'jiào' 教 bf 2; CCD jiào 1 '教' 2; FE '教' 1)
jiào instruction / a teaching 名词 Noun (noun) (FE '教' 5)
jiào Jiao 专名 Proper Noun (proper noun) (CCD jiào 1 '教' 3)
jiào a directive / an order 名词 Noun (noun) (FE '教' 2)
jiào to urge / to incite 动词 Verb (verb) (FE '教' 4)

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