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fāng square / quadrilateral / one side 名词 Noun (noun) In the sense of 方形 (GHC '方' 4; Kroll '方' 1)
fāng Fang 专名 Proper Noun (proper noun)
fāng Kangxi radical 70 名词 Noun (noun) (ABC back cover; GHC p. 7)
fāng measure word for square things 量词 Measure Word (measure word) (NCCED '方' 11)
fāng square 形容词 Adjective (adjective) (GHC '方' 3; Kroll '方' 1; NCCED '方' 1)
fāng prescription 名词 Noun (noun) In the sense of 药方 (GHC '方' 10; NCCED '方' 9)
fāng power / involution 名词 Noun (noun) (NCCED '方' 10)
fāng abbreviation for a square meter or cubic meter 名词 Noun (noun) (Kroll '方' 1a)
fāng a way / a method 名词 Noun (noun) In this sense 方 means 方法 or 办法. For example, 千方百计 'by every possible means' (CCI '千方百计'; GHC '方' 15; Kroll '方' 6; NCCED '方' 6).
fāng at the time when / just when 副词 Adverb (adverb) 方 may be used as an adverbial marker to indicate simultaneity (Pulleyblank 1995, p. 121). For example, 及其壯也,血氣方剛,戒之在鬭 'When he is strong and the physical powers are full of vigor, he guards against quarrelsomeness.' (Lunyu: 16.7/46/14, translation by Legge; GHC '方' 19; Kroll '方' 7; NCCED '方' 12)
fāng only / just 副词 Adverb (adverb) (Kroll '方' 8; NCCED '方' 13)
fāng a direction 名词 Noun (noun) In the sense of 方向 or 方位 (GHC '方' 11; Kroll '方' 4; NCCED '方' 3)
fāng a place / a region 名词 Noun (noun) In the sense of 地方 'place' or 地域 'region' (GHC '方' 5, 7; Kroll '方' 4; NCCED '方' 2)
fāng a party / a side 名词 Noun (noun) In contracts and insurance, as in 甲方 and 乙方 (NCCED '方' 4)
fāng a principle / a formula 名词 Noun (noun) (Kroll '方' 5a; NCCED '方' 5)
fāng honest / upright / proper 形容词 Adjective (adjective) (GHC '方' 14; Kroll '方' 3; NCCED '方' 7)
fāng magic 名词 Noun (noun) (GHC '方' 16; NCCED '方' 8)
fāng earth 名词 Noun (noun) By metonymy, as opposed to Heaven, which is round (Kroll '方' 2)
fāng earthly / mundane 形容词 Adjective (adjective) (Kroll '方' 2a)
fāng a scope / an aspect 名词 Noun (noun) In the sense of 方圆 or 周围 (GHC '方' 6; Kroll '方' 4a)
fāng side-by-side / parallel 形容词 Adjective (adjective) In the sense of 相并, especially two boats (Kroll '方' 5)
fāng agreeable / equable 形容词 Adjective (adjective) (Kroll '方' 5a)
fāng about to 副词 Adverb (adverb) Marks a future action in this sense (GHC '方' 1; Kroll '方' 9)
fāng equal / equivalent 形容词 Adjective (adjective) In the sense of 相等 or 相当 (GHC '方' 2)
fāng to compare 动词 Verb (verb) In the sense of 比拟 (GHC '方' 2)
fāng a side 名词 Noun (noun) In a physical sense, as in 一边 or 一面 (GHC '方' 8)
fāng a wooden tablet for writing 名词 Noun (noun) (GHC '方' 9)
fāng a convention / a common practice 名词 Noun (noun) In the sense of 常规 or 常法 (GHC '方' 12)
fāng a law / a standard 名词 Noun (noun) In the sense of 法度 or 准则 (GHC '方' 13)
fāng to own / to possess 动词 Verb (verb) In the sense of 占有 (GHC '方' 17)
fāng to disobey / to violate 动词 Verb (verb) In the sense of 违 (GHC '方' 18)
fāng to slander / to defame 动词 Verb (verb) In place of 谤 (GHC '方' 21)
páng beside 形容词 Adjective (adjective) In place of 旁 (GHC '方' 22)

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