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Simplified 简体Traditional 繁體Pinyin 拼音English 英文Grammar 语法Notes 注释
zhǒng kind / type 名词 Noun (noun) In the sense of 种类 (ABC 'zhǒng' 种 bf 3; Kroll '種' 2; NCCED '種' 6; Unihan '種')
zhòng to plant / to grow / to cultivate 动词 Verb (verb) (ABC 'zhòng' 种 v; Kroll '種' zhòng 1; Unihan '種')
zhǒng kind / type 量词 Measure Word (measure word) (ABC 'zhǒng' 种 m; NCCED '種' 8)
zhǒng kind / type / race / breed / seed / species 名词 Noun (noun) The modern simplified character is also an archaic variant of 種
zhǒng seed / strain 名词 Noun (noun) In the sense of 种子 (ABC 'zhǒng' 种 bf 2; Kroll '種' 1; NCCED '種' 2; Unihan '種')
zhǒng offspring 名词 Noun (noun) (Kroll '種' 3; Unihan '種')
zhǒng breed 名词 Noun (noun) (NCCED '種' 2; Unihan '種')
zhǒng race 名词 Noun (noun) In the sense of 种族 (ABC 'zhǒng' 种 bf 1; NCCED '種' 3; Unihan '種')
zhǒng species 名词 Noun (noun) (ABC 'zhǒng' 种 n; NCCED '種' 7; Unihan '種')
zhǒng root / source / origin 名词 Noun (noun) (NCCED '種' 7; Unihan '種')
zhǒng grit / guts 名词 Noun (noun) (ABC 'zhǒng' 种 bf 4; NCCED '種' 5)

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