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a word 名词 Noun (noun) In the sense of the smallest grammatical unit in natural language (CCD '词' 1; HSK '词' 1).
a grammatical particle 名词 Noun (noun)
ci poetry 名词 Noun (noun) In this sense, 词 is a genre of Chinese poetry dating from the Tang intended as lyrics for songs. 词 is an abbreviation for 曲子词, or song lyrics, although we mostly do not know how they were intended to be sung now (Idema and Haft, 1997, p. 141; CCD '词' 2; FE '詞' 4; HSK '词' 3).
works / phrases / diction 名词 Noun (noun) (CCD '词' 1; FE '詞' 1; HSK '词' 2)
to talk / to speak 动词 Verb (verb) (FE '詞' 3)

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