Digital Library and Corpus Management System

The web site includes a corpus of over 39 million characters with over 60 document sets of interesting, historically important, and largely untranslated Chinese texts, as listed on the Texts page. The collection of texts include the 十三經 Thirteen Classics, the 二十四史 Twenty-Four Standard Histories, and anthologies of poetry. A relatively small number of bilingual Chinese-English parallel texts are included. The search function on the main page will search titles of books and chapters for the texts in the digital library collection. This is an active area of expansion towards a more fully functioning digital library of literary Chinese.

The Chinese Notes software and dictionary is a platform that can be to create readers for multiple corpora. Besides the largely literary Chinese corpus at this site, the software and dictionary are also used at for a reader for the Taishō Shinshū Daizōkyō version of the Chinese Buddhist canon and at for a reader for Venerable Master Hsing Yun's collected writings. It is a simple system that any web developer can use to create a Chinese web reader from a set of plain text files. See the GitHub project for more details.