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Decorative Designs in Chinese Art 中国文物的纹饰

Digitization 数字化

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Digitization 数字化

Digitiization can be useful in modern decorations, posters, and other decorative items created with historic themes. A basic technique is to take photographs with my digital camera, a digital SLD, upload to a computer, and vectorize using Inkscape. Inkspace is a freely available open source program described in the article on this web site, Chinese Fonts 汉字字体. This will result in a scalable vector graphics (SVG) file that can be conveniently manipulated to change color, size, etc without loosing fidelity and then exported to PNG file for display in web pages or elsewhere. The links to the SVG files are beneath the PNG images below.

The originals are well out of copyright but there is some technique involved in creating images that are useful in web pages. For any items with any added artistic value, all may be reused with the Common Creative with Attribution (CCA) license. Please link back to with the HTML code <a href=''></a>.

Fire Design <span title="huǒ wén | fire designs" class="vocabulary" itemprop="HeadwordId" value="25277">火纹</span>
Fire Design

Some of the images were vectorized from bitmaps using the Inkscape path generation tool (e.g., animal mask design) and others were created by tracing and other manual tools (e.g., fire design).

Animal Mask Design <span title="shòumiànwén | animal mask design" class="vocabulary" itemprop="HeadwordId" value="25275">兽面纹</span>
Animal Mask Design

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