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Decorative Designs in Chinese Art 中国文物的纹饰

Porcelain 瓷器 Western Jin Dynasty 西晋

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Western Jin Dynasty 西晋

The lian shown below was an ancient cosmetic box.

celadon cosmetic box
青釉贴花佛像 西晋公元265〜317上海博物馆 Celadon lian with Buddhist figurines Western Jin (265—317), Shanghai Museum

The bixie 辟耶 shown below was an evil spirit exocisor.

a bixie
青釉辟耶 西晋公元265〜317上海博物馆 Celadon lion-shaped bixie Western Jin (265—317), Shanghai Museum

Designs in celadon were created by carving the clay. The variation in light with the undulating surface and thickness of translucent glaze is beautiful.

Celadon jar with watchtower and figures
青釉堆塑人物 西晋公元265〜317上海博物馆 Celadon jar with watchtower and figures Western Jin (265—317), Shanghai Museum

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