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A small number of phrases from the writings of Lao She

Teahouse - Act III (Part) 《茶馆》 第三幕 (部分)

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老舍茶馆 第二部分) Teahouse by Lao She - Act II (Part)


Time: After the victory of War of Resistance against Japan, Guo Min Dang spies and U.S. troops rampaged in the streets in Beijing. It is a clear morning in Fall.


Place: Same as in previous acts

[现在裕泰茶馆样子那么体面 ...

[The curtain rises: Now the Yutai Teahouse does not have as dignified an appearance as in previous acts. ...


Wang Xiaohua: Mom, please make me some hot noodle soup for lunch. I haven't eaten any for ages.


Zhou Xiuhua: I know, dear. But I don't know if we will be able to buy any flour. Even if the grain shop by coincidence has some flour, who knows if we will have any money.


Wang Xiaohua: Mom, I hope that both of those things will be true.


Zhou Xiuhua: It is easy to think about it but not so easy for it to happen. OK, Xiao Hua. Go! Be careful of jeeps on the road.

Source: Lao She, 2010. Tea House 《茶馆》. Hainan Press, Haikou, Hainan, pp. 44-45.

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