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The Book of Songs 詩經

國風‧齊‧猗嗟 Lessons from the states - Odes of Qi - Yi Jie

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Alas for him, so handsome and accomplished!
How grandly tall!
With what elegance in his high forehead!
With what motion of his beautiful eyes!
With what skill in the swift movements of his feet!
With what mastery of archery!


Alas for him, so famous!
His beautiful eyes how clear!
His manners how complete!
Shooting all day at the target,
And never lodging outside the bird-square!
Indeed our [ruler's] nephew!

Alas for him, so beautiful!
His bright eyes and high forehead how lovely!
His dancing so choice!
Sure to send his arrows right through!
The four all going to the same place!
One able to withstand rebellion!


English translation: James Legge

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