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The Book of Songs 詩經

周頌‧臣工之什‧臣工 Sacrificial odes of Zhou - Decade Of Chen Gong - Chen Gong

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Ah! Ah! ministers and officers,
Reverently attend to your public duties.
The king has given you perfect rules; -
Consult about them and consider them.
Ah! Ah! ye assistants,
It is now the end of spring;
And what have ye to seek for?
[Only] how to manage the new fields and those of the third year.
How beautiful are the wheat and the barley,
Whose bright produce we shall receive!
The bright and glorious God.
Will in them give us a good year.
Order all our men,
To be provided with their spuds and hoes:
Anon we shall see the sickles at work.


English translation: James Legge

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