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The Book of Songs 詩經

周頌‧臣工之什‧雝 Sacrificial odes of Zhou - Decade Of Chen Gong - Yong

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They come full of harmony;
They are here, in all gravity; -
The princes assisting,
While the Son of Heaven looks profound.
'While I present [this] noble bull,
And they assist me in setting forth the sacrifice,
O great and august Father,
Comfort me, your filial Son!
'With penetrating wisdom thou did'st play the man,
A sovereign with the gifts both of peace and war,
Giving rest even to great Heaven,
And ensuring prosperity to thy descendants.
'Thou comfortest me with the eyebrows of longevity;
Thou makest me great with manifold blessings.
I offer this sacrifice to my meritorious father,
And to my accomplished mother. '


English translation: James Legge

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