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# Selections from media articles in 2015

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According to a recent article in the South China Morning Post, it is the year of the goat, not the sheep. Goats are all very stubborn and not even a little bit tame.

粱振英港人温驯 网民炮轰》 'Leung Chun Ying is roasted by web critics for wanting Hong Kong people to be obedient like sheep', Voice of America, 2015-10-14, 2015-10-13


After research it is discovered that eating too much salt can give rise to insufficient blood supply to the head. This can lead to a decline in ability to produce melanin. That is, melanin cells cannot be readily produced, which can lead to grey hair at an early age.

白头营养缺乏表现 什么白发变黑》 'Early grey hair is a symptom of insufficient nutrition. What you eat could lead to grey hair turning black', Gu Sou Henan 河南, 2015-10-15, 2015-10-18


Baoshan starts preparations for a large competition for government employees to stop smoking.

宝山启动公务人员戒烟工作》 '[Text is the title]', Shanghai Government 中国上海, 2015-10-30, 2015-10-31


... struck the ball hitting a volunteer

汇丰击球打中志愿者》 'Huifengsaisi Tengsen [transliteration of a foreign name] struck the ball hitting a volunteer', Qingdao TV, 2015-11-06, 2015-11-19


The central government gives ample confirmation to the work of the Special Administrative Region government

习近平会见》 'Xin Jinping meets Leung Chun Ying, who has come from Beijing to take up office', Xinhua Net, 2015-12-23, 2015-12-23

线管线 ... 进一步

First, second, and third level pipelines ... to make progress

中国石油整合管道业务 中油管道增资800亿》 'CNPC will increase investment by one hundred million to increase pipline capacity under the banner of PetroChina', Xinhua Net, 2015-12-25, 2015-12-24


One center, two terraces, one user experience exhibition, and one hotline.

智慧城市开启南昌美好生活》 'Smart cities opens a beautiful life for Nanchang residents', Xinhua Net, 2015-12-25, 2015-12-24

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