Dictionary Help



There are number of innovations that make chinesenotes.com more than a traditional dictionary.

Basic Use

For basic use of the dictionary type in or cut and paste in the Chinese or English for the word that you are looking for and click the Search button. You can enter either simplified or traditional Chinese to search on. If you don't get what you are looking for or don't understand the results then keep reading or look at the list of Help topics above.

No matches found

If you do not get any matches found in your search try searching in phrase mode. Phrase mode will always find a result if the input is one or more Chinese characters because it will break the string of characters down into individual characters. At least the individual characters will have entries. See the description in the section Breaking Chinese phrases into words for more details on phrase mode.

If the individual characters do not entries or if you have a word that you feel should be in the dictionary please let me know by sending an email to alex@chinesenotes.com.

Breaking Chinese phrases into words

The chinesenotes.com dictionary can help you look up individual words or all the words in a phrase. Because Chinese words do not have spaces between them in sentences it can help to look up all the words in a phrase. Especially if you are a beginner or trying to make the jump from study to using Chinese in real life it can often be hard to figure out the boundaries between the words. This is where the 'phrase' option in the dictionary is used.

To look up all the words in a phrase or sentence cut-and-paste Chinese text into the text area. Click the Search button to process the text. The results will show the different words in the phrase. The Hanyu Pinyin will be shown below that.