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红色清真寺 The Red Mosque - Fragment c (2007-7-5)

The Red Mosque (Fragment)

Source: 2007-7-5

Transcription of a part of a Voice of America Broadcast
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[Azim] We still hope that common sense will prevail and they will
surrender, realizing that they've got no other option left to them now



[Announcer] Azim said, "We suspected there was somebody whose movements
were not exactly women-like. When
we checked we found that he was wearing a woman's dress trying to
escape." Azim went on to say that this supporter of the Taliban,
notorious recruiter, and Wahabi Sect leader was arrested on the spot. On
Wednesday the government ordered the radicals to lay down their weapons
or face a heightened offensive. After that about seven hundred men and
women surrendered. However, a government official said that there were
still over a thousand core radicals waiting for the next possible round
of attacks. Although during July the Mosque has had a 24 hour curfew
and, according to reports, a cease fire has been implemented, on
Wednesday the sound of gunfire could still be heard. The power supply
for the entire mosque area was cut off. Pakistan troops used an armored
car to erect barbed wire in order to seal the immediate area.
Azim said that although the government hopes to avoid direct conflict ...

[Azim] We still hope that common sense will prevail and they will surrender, realizing that
they've got no other option left to them now ...

[Announcer] Azim said, "We still hope that common sense will prevail and
they will surrender realizing that they have no other option left to
them." The violence on Tuesday led to the deaths of eleven people. In
most of the city of Istanbul restrictions have been lifted. The
fighting broke out after students rushed a government security
department. Many students used cricket bats and pistols as weapons.
A government official said that after several students shot and killed
at least one policeman that the police fired tear gas into the crowd.
This bloody conflict comes several months after Taliban supporters at
the mosque opposed the government. The Red Mosque leaders want to
forcefully implement strict Islamic law, as ten years ago when the
Taliban had power in Afghanistan. The students in Islamabad initiated
attacks to punish Israelli provocation, including kidnapping local
police and some supposed prostitutes. Despite the fact that the
government threatened to retaliate for the actions of the radicals, for
the purpose of using negotiations to solve the problem, they repeatedly
make concessions. The present erruption of violence has Pakistan
President Musharraf facing sustained increasing political opposition.
This evening as Pakistan considered holding elections, many Musharraf
critics used the Red Mosque confrontation to emphasize their concern
over the government's defeat in control over religious radicals.

Source: Voice of America 美国之音.
Text not subject to copyright as a work of the US federal government.

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