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Decorative Designs in Chinese Art 中国文物的纹饰

Porcelain 瓷器 Liao Dynasty 辽

Liao Dynasty

The plum blossom vase shown below is a form that emerged in the Song and became popular in subsequent dynasties. It was used both for holding wine and for holding flowers. The piece below was produced at the Gangwa Kiln 缸瓦窑, an important kiln during the Liao Dynasty (907—1125) in present day Inner Mongolia.

bottle / vase / pitcher
梅瓶 缸瓦窑梅瓶 辽朝(907〜1125) 首都博物馆 Plum Blossom Vase White Glazed with black painted flowers, from the Gang Wa Kiln Liao Dynasty (907—1125), Capital Museum, Beijing

The Dangxiang 党项 were a people of the Tangut branch of the Qiang ethnic group and founders of the Xi Xia Dynasty. The artistic style of their pottery had earthy feel reflecting their nomadic roots. The vase below was made at the Lingwu Kiln 灵武窑, located in present day Ningxia.

Porcelain vase with blooming peonies
刻花开光牡丹纹 灵武窑 西夏(1032〜1227) 北京首都博物馆 Porcelain vase with inscribed blooming peony design Lingwu Kiln, Xi Xia (1032—1227), Beijing Capital Museum

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