Dictionary Help

Use as a English-Chinese dictionary

You can use the dictionary as an English-Chinese dictionary by searching on English terms and looking for matching Chinese words. The most basic way to do this is to enter English into the search text field (1) and click on the Search button (2) . This is shown in the screenshot below. A list of matching Chinese words and their English translations will be listed (3).

Screenshot searching on English
Screenshot searching on English using basic search

If you did not find the result that you expected keep reading. The results returned from basic search are based on an exact match on the English word. To broaden this to include any word that is contained within the English description follow the steps in the screenshot below. Click on the Advanced link (2) to shown the Advanced options and click on Part-of (substring) search (3). Enter the search term (1) and click on the Search button (4) as before. The results are shown below (5).

Screenshot for word boundary detection
Screenshot searching on English using part-of search

Notice in this example that there was only one Chinese word that was an exact match for the search text 'help' but 45 words that had 'help' as a part of the English entry. This is typical because synonyms and functional words, such as 'a', 'to', and so on often appear in the English description of Chinese words so it is most useful to search on any part of the English text. Exact match, the default, is more useful when searching for a Chinese word.