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Understanding basic search results

The www.chinesenotes.com dictionary has lots of useful information about Chinese words. In this section some of the basic information returned is explained.

Let's look at an example. Try looking up the Chinese word 句子 (pinyin: jùzi, English: sentence) in basic mode. A screen shot is shown below.

Screenshot of result returned from a simple search
Screenshot of result returned from a simple search

The input is shown near the number 1 (in red). The text returned in large text is the simplified Chinese text. The traditional text is also shown (2). In this case there is no traditional text shown so the result is the same as the simplified. In other words 句子 is the same in both simplified and traditional text.

The grammar (3) is shown beneath the traditional text . There is a hyperlink around the text for the grammar to see more detail about the part of speech this word is. In this case the word is a noun and that information may be enough for you. This link will be more useful if the part of speech is something that there is no equivalent of in English grammar.

Synonyms (4) are shown below grammar. In this case, there is one synonym (语句). There is a hyperlink to the synonyms for convenience in following the link. In some cases, for words with many different meanings, there are many different meanings so that synonym relationships are not as obvious. For these words the synonyms, if there are any, are described in the notes.

The topic (5) is the general area of vocabulary that the word belongs to. In this case the word relates to the 'Language' topic. The topic can help differentiate the meaning of a word and the context that it is most likely to be used in. This word is most likely to be used when we are talking about language.

A measure word is similar to a classifier in English but it are not optional in Modern Chinese. They must be used in front of nouns and the correct measure word must be used. The appropriate measure word is noted in (6) with a hyperlink to the definition.

An example sentence is given in (7). This can be very useful if you are trying to use this word in your own Chinese text composition.