Chinese Notes
Chinese Notes

显教 (顯教) xiǎn jiāo

xiǎn jiāo noun exoteric teachings
Domain: Buddhism 佛教
Notes: A classification developed by esoteric teachers to refer to Buddhist teachings other than 密教 esoteric teachings or the 心教 mind-to-mind transmission of the Chan school (Ding '顯教'; Sharf 2005, p. 271)


Simplified Traditional Example Example Reference Frequency
国显教 國顯教 明年命為妙覺圓通慈慧普應輔國顯教灌頂弘善西天佛子大國師 History of Ming 《明史》 卷三百三十一 列傳第二百十九 西域三 Volume 331 Biographies 219: Western Regions 3 2