Chinese Notes
Chinese Notes


  1. zhì preposition to / until
    Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Function Words 虚词
    Notes: (ABC 'zhì' 至 cov; Guoyu '至' conjunction; Unihan '至')
  2. zhì noun Kangxi radical 133
    Domain: Radicals 部首
    Notes: (ABC back cover; GHC p. 7; Guoyu '至' n)
  3. zhì adverb extremely / very / most
    Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
    Notes: In the sense of 甚 (ABC 'zhì' 至 adv; Guoyu '至' adv; Kroll '至' 2; Unihan '至')
  4. zhì verb to arrive
    Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
    Notes: In the sense of 来到 (ABC 'zhì' 至 v; Guoyu '至' v; Kroll '至' 1; Unihan '至')

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Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
History of Song 《宋史》 卷八十七 志第四十 地理三 Volume 87 Treatises 40: Geography 3 566
Old Book of Tang 《舊唐書》 卷四十一 志第二十一: 地理四 Volume 41 Treatises 21: Geography 4 440
History of Song 《宋史》 卷五十九 志第十二 天文十二 Volume 59 Treatises 12: Astronomy 12 344
History of Yuan 《元史》 卷一百十二 表第六上: 宰相年表一 Volume 112 Tables 7: Chancellors 1 309
History of Song 《宋史》 卷五十七 志第十 天文十 Volume 57 Treatises 10: Astronomy 10 277
History of Song 《宋史》 卷五十八 志第十一 天文十一 Volume 58 Treatises 11: Astronomy 11 268
New Book of Tang 《新唐書》 卷四十三下   志第三十三下 地理七下 Volume 43b Treatises 38: Gepgraphy 7b 187
Wenxuan 《文選》 卷十八 Scroll 18 174
Book of Sui 《隋書》 卷17 志第12 律曆中 Volume 17 Treatises 12: Measures and the Calendar 2 141
Book of Later Han 《後漢書》 第三 律曆下 曆法 Volume 93: Rhythm and the Calendar Part Three 129