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A small number of phrases from the writings of Ye Shengtao

A Scarecrow 《稻草人》


A Scarecrow by Ye Shengtao (Fragments)


A scarecrow is made by farmers. His skeleton is made up further of the thin
bamboo branches in from bamboo gardens. His muscles and skin are made from the
yellow rice straws from last year. (p. 2)


He does not eat and he also does not sleep. (p. 4)


he knows everything very clearly (p. 6)


She cried even more and her eyes became impaired. She could not see things
clearly. If things were too far away, [she] could not see them. (p. 10)


Looking at the scarecrow, its position had not moved, shape was still the same
as before. She saw that everything was very good. (p. 18)

Source: Ye Shengtao, 1999. A Scarecrow稻草人》. Hope Publishing House,
Shaanxi, China.

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