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周口店北京人遗址 Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian (1987)

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Peking Man Site at Zhoukoudian


Scientific work at the site, which lies 42 km south-west of Beijing, is still underway.

到目前为止科学家已经发现中国猿人北京人遗迹他们大约生活更新世时代同时发现还有各种各样生活物品以及可以追溯公元前18 00011 000新人遗迹

So far, it has led to the discovery of the remains of Sinanthropus pekinensis, who lived in the Middle Pleistocene, along with various objects, and remains of Homo sapiens sapiens dating as far back as 18,000–11,000 B.C.


The site is not only an exceptional reminder of the prehistorical human societies of the Asian continent, but also illustrates the process of evolution.

Source: UNESCO 1987, accessed 2016-12-17,

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