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颜勤礼碑 Yan Family Ceremonial Inscription

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This inscription was written by Yan Zhenqing 颜真卿 in 779 in regular script 楷书. The inscription is in memory of Yan Zhenqing's forebears, in particular, his grandfather. Three of the four sides of the inscription are still remaining. It contains 39 lines with 38 characters on each line and 5 lines with 37 characters with a total of 1667 characters. It is 175×90×22 cm in size.

  • Page I Scan, SVG Trace名聞節度
  • Page II Scan SVG Trace觀察使
  • Page III Scan, SVG Trace縣令延昌御史太尉
  • Page IV Scan, SVG Trace判官江陵行軍司馬
  • Page V Scan, SVG Trace無祿
  • Page VI Scan, SVG Trace武官玄孫通義
  • Page VII Scan, SVG Trace孝義土門
  • Page VIII Scan, SVG Trace司马司马季明司馬司馬季明
  • Page IX Scan, SVG Trace曾孙曾孫
  • Page X Scan, SVG Trace逆贼京官逆賊京官
  • Page XI Scan, SVG Trace,<>早夭五言,<>早夭五言
  • Page XII Scan, SVG Trace方正大理万顷 大理萬頃
  • Page XIII Scan, SVG Trace岭南判官凤翔参军嶺南判官鳳翔參軍
  • Page XIV Scan, SVG Trace隷书太子洗马郑王司马并不隷書太子洗馬鄭王司馬並不
  • Page XV Scan, SVG Trace短命通明属文项城温江短命通明屬文項城温江覿
  • Page XVI Scan, SVG Trace参军盐亭仁和政理綿參軍鹽亭仁和政理

Source of scans: Yan Family Ceremonial Inscription: Calligraphy Skills Lecture Series [Bitian Jingnangu 2004].

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