verb to divine with a stick writing on sand; planchette writing
Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
Notes: Also written 扶乩 (CC-CEDICT '乩'; Guoyu '乩' v; Mathews 1931 '乩', p. 53; Unihan '乩'; XHZD '乩', p. 308)

Contained in

  • 扶乩 planchette writing ; Fuji
  • 降乩 for deities to descend to a spirit medium in a ritual
  • 言乩 to burn a paper with a question for divination
  • 童乩 spirit medium
  • 乩坛(乩壇) a divining platform
  • 乩仙 to communicate with a spirit
  • 乩童 spirit medium

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