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A small number of phrases from the writings of Lao She

Teahouse - Act II (Part) 《茶馆》 第二幕 (部分)

老舍茶馆 第二部分) Teahouse by Lao She - Act II (Part)


The time is separated from the previous act by ten years. Yuan Shikai is
dead and imperialism is causing China to be cut up by warlords. There
are frequent calls to mobilize for civil war. Early summer, in the


As in the previous act

[北京茶馆先后相继。“裕泰硕果仅存一家可是避免淘汰改变样子作风 ...

[The curtain rises:
The teahouses in the city of Beijing are closing one after another.
“Yu Tai” is one of the few remaining great teahouses but has changed its
style to avoid being weeded out. ...


Wang Shufen:
(Seeing that Li San's ponytail is in the way) Li San, our teahouse has
already been renovated. Shouldn't your ponytail should be cut off too?


Li San:
Let's improve it! Let's improve it!
The more we improve the more cool — as cool as ice.


Wang Shufen:
Well, we can't really say that.
You see, Li San, I hear that the Detai teahouse in Xizhimen, the Guangtai
teahouse at Beixin Bridge, and the Tiantai teahouse in front of the Drum
Tower have all closed one after another. Our Yutai teahouse is the only
one still open. Why is that? Isn't it because Shunzi's father understands
how to renovate?


Li San:
Heng! The emperor did not have it and in the end there was a big
renovation! Renovate or not, Yuan Shikai would have been better as the
emperor. After Yuan Shikai died there was a bunch of chaos. Today canon
fire, tomorrow closing a city. Is that improvement? Heng! I will keep my
ponytail just in case the emperor comes back.


Wang Shufen:
Don't be obstinate, Li San. Other people have given us a republic and we
still do not follow? Look, we clean and clean but it is not as neat and
good looking as before. Doesn't specializing in entertaining cultured
people require even more dignity? However, you insist on wearing a
ponytail and it is not pleasing to the eye.

Source: Lao She, 2010. Tea House 《茶馆》. Hainan Press, Haikou, Hainan,
pp. 25-26.

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