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Selections of Tang Poetry

Clear Stream 青溪

Clear Stream

By Wang Wei (701 - 761 AD)


王維 (701-761)




王维 (701-761)





Line 1: 黃花 Yellow Flower Stream
Line 2: following, clear, steam
Line 3: follow, mountain, ten thousand turns
Line 4: route, a hundred li,
Line 5: sound noise, chaotic, , stones
Line 6: quiet, thick pine trees
Line 7: overflowing, float, trapas and nymphaeas
Line 8: clear reflect, rushes and sedges
Line 9: my heart, simple, peace
Line 10: clear stream, tranquil
Line 11: inviting, remain, massive rock
Line 12: fishing, final particle

Source: Complete Tang Poems, Scroll 125, 全唐詩 一百二十五. English translation by Sun Dayu. References

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