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The Book of Songs 詩經

大雅‧文王之什‧棫樸 Greater odes of the kingdom - Decade Of Wen Wang - Yu Pu

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Abundant is the growth of the yu and the pu,
Supplying firewood; yea, stores of it.
Elegant and dignified was our prince and king;
On the right and the left they hastened to him.


Elegant and dignified was our prince and king;
On his left and his right they bore their half-mace [libation-cups]; -
They bore their instruments with solemn gravity,
As beseemed such eminent officers.

They rush along, - those boats on the Jing.
All the rowers labouring at their oars.
The king of Zhou marched on,
Followed by his six hosts.


Vast is that Milky Way,
Making a brilliant figure in the sky.
Long years did the king of Zhou enjoy; -
Did he not exert an influence upon men?


Engraved and chiselled are the ornaments;
Of metal and of jade is their substance.
Ever active was our king,
Giving law and rules to the four quarters [of the kingdom].


English translation: James Legge

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