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The Book of Songs 詩經

周頌‧臣工之什‧有瞽 Sacrificial odes of Zhou - Decade Of Chen Gong - You Gou

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There are the blind musicians; there are the blind musicians;
In the court of [the temple of] Zhou.
There are [the music frames] with their face-boards and posts,
The high toothed-edge [of the former], and the feathers stuck [in the latter];
With the drums, large and small, suspended from them;
And the hand-drums and sounding-stones, the instrument to give the signal for commencing, and the stopper.
These being all complete, the music is struck up.
The pan-pipe and the double-flute begin at the same time.
Harmoniously blend their sounds;
In solemn unison they give forth their notes.
Our ancestors will give ear;
Our visitors will be there; -
Long to witness the complete performance.


English translation: James Legge

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