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墨家 Mò Jiā

Mò Jiā proper noun Mohism / Mohist School
Domain: Philosophy 哲学 , Subdomain: Mohism 墨家
Notes: A school of thought based on the teachings of Mozi 墨子 circa 400 BCE (Idema and Haft, 1997, p. 89)

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, philosophical schools of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States Periods (770-220 BC), viz Confucians 儒家, Daoists 道家, Yin and Yang 阴阳家, Legalists 法家, Logicians 名家, Mohists 墨家, Diplomats 纵横家, Miscellaneous 杂家 , and Agriculturalists 农家 (CC-CEDICT '九流')

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