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Chinese Notes

东西竺 (東西竺) Dōngxīzhú

Dōngxīzhú proper noun Anambas Islands
Domain: History 历史 , Subdomain: Indonesia 印度尼西亚 , Concept: Historic Place Name 古地名
Notes: A historic name used by Wang Dayuan thought to be Anambas Islands in Indonesia

Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
History of Ming 《明史》 卷三百二十五 列傳第二百十三 外國六 浡泥 滿刺加 蘇門答喇 蘇祿 西洋瑣里 瑣里 覽邦 淡巴 百花 彭亨 那孤兒 黎伐 南渤利 阿魯 柔佛 丁機宜 巴剌西 Volume 325 Biographies 213: Foreign States 6 - Brunei, Malacca, Sumatra, Sulu Archipelago, Chola, Lampung, Kampar, Baihua, Pahang, Nakur, Lide, Lamuri, Aru, Johor, Terengganu, Safavid 2