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Chinese Notes

品德 pǐndé

pǐndé noun moral character
Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Morality 道德

Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
Book of Southern Qi 《南齊書》 卷四十六 列傳第二十七 王秀之 王慈 蔡約 陸慧曉 顧憲之 蕭惠基 Volume 46 Biographies 27: Wang Xiuzhi, Wang Ci, Cai Yue, Lu Huixiao, Gu Xianzhi, Xiao Huiji 1
The Book of Songs 《詩經》 國風‧衞‧氓 Lessons from the states - Odes of Wei - Mang 1