Chinese Notes

Zhuangzi 《莊子》

With English translation by James Legge 1891, The Writings of Chuang Tzu Text

《內篇‧逍遙遊》 Inner Chapters - Enjoyment in Untroubled Ease
《齊物論》 The Adjustment of Controversies
《養生主》 Nourishing the Lord of Life
《人間世》 Man in the World, Associated with other Men
《德充符》 The Seal of Virtue Complete
《大宗師》 The Great and Most Honoured Master
《應帝王》 The Normal Course for Rulers and Kings
《外篇‧駢拇》 Outer Chapters - Webbed Toes
《馬蹄》 Horses's Hoofs
《胠篋》 Cutting open Satchels
《在宥》 Letting Be, and Exercising Forbearance
《天地》 Heaven and Earth
《天道》 The Way of Heaven
《天運》 The Revolution of Heaven
《刻意》 Ingrained Ideas
《繕性》 Correcting the Nature
《秋水》 The Floods of Autumn
《至樂》 Perfect Enjoyment
《達生》 The Full Understanding of Life
《山木》 The Tree on the Mountain
《田子方》 Tian Zi-fang
《知北遊》 Knowledge Rambling in the North
《雜篇‧庚桑楚》 Miscellaneous Chapters - Geng-sang Chu
《徐無鬼》 Xu Wu-gui
《則陽》 Ze-yang
《外物》 What comes from Without
《寓言》 Metaphorical Language
《讓王》 Kings who have wished to resign the Throne
《盜跖》 The Robber Zhi
《說劍》 Delight in the Sword-fight
《漁父》 The Old Fisherman
《列御寇》 Lie Yu-kou
《天下》 Tian Xia

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