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The Analects of Confucius 《論語》

Also known as Lunyu, with English translation by James Legge

1. 《學而》 Xue Er
2. 《為政》 Wei Zheng
3. 《八佾》 Ba Yi
4. 《里仁》 Li Ren
5. 《公冶長》Gong Ye Chang
6. 《雍也》 Yong Ye
7. 《述而》 Shu Er
8. 《泰伯》 Tai Bo
9. 《子罕》 Zi Han
10. 《鄉黨》 Xiang Dang
11. 《先進》 Xian Jin
12. 《顏淵》 Yan Yuan
13. 《子路》 Zi Lu
14. 《憲問》 Xian Wen
15. 《衛靈公》 Wei Ling Gong
16. 《季氏》 Ji Shi
17. 《陽貨》 Yang Huo
18. 《微子》 Wei Zi
19. 《子張》 Zi Zhang
20. 《堯曰》 Yao Yue
Notes on the Analects of Confucius 《論語》 The Analects of Confucius 《論語》, also known as Lunyu, is a collection of sayings from Confucius 孔子. The date of the text is uncertain. (Yao, 2000, p. 66) Alternative translation to some sections is given by Chan. (Chan, 1969, pp. 14-48) References 1. Chan, W., 1969. A Source Book in Chinese Philosophy. Princeton University Press, Princeton, N.J. 2. Yao, X., 2000. An introduction to Confucianism. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Source: Chinese Text Project, from "The Chinese Classics, volume 1", James Legge, 1861

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