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The Book of Songs 詩經

小雅‧魚藻之什‧黍苗 Minor odes of the kingdom - Yu Zao Zhi Shen - Shu Miao

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Tall and strong grows the young millet,
Fattened by the genial rains.
Very long was our journey to the south,
But the earl of Shao encouraged and cheered us.

We carried our burdens; we pushed along our barrows;
We drove our waggons; we led our oxen.
When our expedition was accomplished,
We knew we should return.

We went along on foot; we rode in our chariots; -
Our whole host, and our battalions.
When our expedition was accomplished,
We knew we should return home.


Severe was the work at Xie,
But the earl of Shao built the city.
Majestic was the march of our host; -
The earl of Shao directed it.


The plains and low lands were regulated; -
The springs and streams were cleared.
The earl of Shao completed his work,
And the heart of the king was at rest.


English translation: James Legge

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