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Chinese Notes

锐敏 (銳敏) ruìmǐn

ruìmǐn adjective acute / astute / perceptive
Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
Notes: (CC-CEDICT '銳敏')

Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
New Book of Tang 《新唐書》 卷一百六十四  列傳第八十九 歸奚三崔盧二薛衛胡丁二王殷 Volume 164 Biographies 89: Gui, Xi, three Cui's, Lu, two Xue's, Wei, Hu, Ding, two Wang's, Yin 1
The Commentary of Zuo on the Spring and Autumn Annals 《春秋左氏傳》 哀公 Lord Ai 1
New Book of Tang 《新唐書》 卷一百三十二  列傳第五十七    劉吳韋蔣柳沈 Volume 132 Biographies 57: Liu, Wu, Wei, Jiang, Liu, Shen 1
Wenxuan 《文選》 卷四十七 Scroll 47 1
New Book of Tang 《新唐書》 卷一百四十九  列傳第七十四    劉第五班王李 Volume 149 Biographies 74: Liu, Di, five Bans, Wang, Li 1