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Chinese Notes

少顷 (少頃) shǎoqǐng

shǎoqǐng adverb in a short while / presently
Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
Notes: (CC-CEDICT '少頃'; Guoyu '少頃')

Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
History of Yuan 《元史》 卷七十七 志第二十七下: 祭祀六 Volume 77 Treatises 30: Offerings 6 9
History of Jin 《金史》 卷三十一 志第十二: 禮四 奏告儀 皇帝恭謝儀 皇后恭謝儀 皇太子恭謝儀 薦新 功臣配享 寶玉 雜儀 Volume 31 Treatises 12: Rites 4 - Memorial Presentation Rituals, Emperors' Appreciation, Empressess Appreciation, Crown Princes' Appreciation, Award Ceremonies, Recognition of Worthy Officials, Treasures, Miscellaneous Ceremonies 8
History of Song 《宋史》 卷一百〇二 志第五十五 禮五 Volume 102 Treatises 55: Rites 5 5
History of Jin 《金史》 卷三十  志第十一: 禮三 宗廟 禘袷 朝享、時享儀 Volume 30 Treatises 11: Rites 3 - Ancestral Temples, Dijia, Worshipping, Seasonal Rituals 4
History of Yuan 《元史》 卷七十四 志第二十五:  祭祀三 Volume 74 Treatises 27: Offerings 3 3
History of Jin 《金史》 卷三十七 志第十八: 禮十 冊皇后儀 奉冊皇太后儀 冊皇太子儀 正旦生日皇太子受賀儀 皇太子與百官相見儀 Volume 37 Treatises 18: Rites 10 - Ceremony for Conferring Title of Empress; Ceremony for Reverence to Empress Dowager; Ceremony for Conferring Title of Crown Prince; Ceremony for Birth of a Crown Prince; Ceremony for Crown Prince to Receive Officials 3
History of Jin 《金史》 卷三十六 志第十七: 禮九 國初即位儀 受尊號儀 元日聖誕上壽儀 朝參常朝儀 肆赦儀 臣下拜赦詔儀 Volume 36 Treatises 17: Rites 9 - Ceremonies for Succesion of the Throne; Ceremonies for Receiving Honorific Titles; New Year's Day Rituals; Participation in Regular Court Assemblies; Pardoning Ceremonies; Ceremonies for Pardoning by Officials with Imperial Decree 3
History of Yuan 《元史》 卷七十三 志第二十四:  祭祀二 Volume 73 Treatises 26: Offerings 2 3
New Book of Tang 《新唐書》 卷二十     志第十    禮樂十 Volume 20 Treatises 10: Rites and Music 10 3
History of Jin 《金史》 卷三十二 志第十三: 禮五 上尊諡 Volume 32 Treatises 13: Rites 5 - Conferring of Posthumous Titles 2