Chinese Notes
Chinese Notes

学会 (學會) xuéhuì

  1. xuéhuì noun institute / learned society / scholarly association
    Domain: Education 教育
    Notes: (CC-CEDICT '學會'; Guoyu '學會')
  2. xuéhuì verb to learn / to master
    Domain: Education 教育
    Notes: (CC-CEDICT '學會')

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Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
History of Ming 《明史》 卷三百十一 列傳第一百九十九 四川土司一 Volume 311 Biographies 199: Sichuan Tribal Headmen 1 1
History of Ming 《明史》 卷九十九 志第七十五 藝文四 Volume 99 Treatises 75: Arts and Literature 4 1
History of Ming 《明史》 卷八十 志第五十六 食貨四 Volume 80 Treatises 56: Finance and Economics 4 1