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Chinese Notes

广韵 (廣韻) Guǎngyùn

Guǎngyùn proper noun Guangyun
Domain: History 历史 , Subdomain: China 中国 , Concept: Book 书
Notes: A Chinese rhyme dictionary that was compiled from 1007 to 1011

Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
Notes on Literary Chinese Introduction 1


Simplified Traditional Example Example Reference Frequency
广韵一 廣韻一 廣韻一屋亦作 Book of Later Han 《後漢書》 卷五十三 周黃徐姜申屠列傳 Volume 53: Biographies of Zhou, Huang, Xu, Jiang, Shentu 2
广韵作 廣韻作 廣韻作 Stratagems of the Warring States 《戰國策》 卷二十三 魏二 Chapter 23: Wei II 2
熙广韵 熙廣韻 雍熙廣韻 History of Song 《宋史》 卷二百〇二 志第一百五十五 藝文一 Volume 202 Treatises 155: Arts and Literature 1 2