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Chinese Notes


  1. cháng adverb always / ever / often / frequently / constantly
    Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Time 时间
    Notes: 常 is synonymous with 经常 or 常常 in this sense and is placed before the verb that it modifies (CCD '常' 3; FE '常' 3; Sun 2006, loc. 2053; Unihan '常').
  2. cháng proper noun Chang
    Domain: Names 名字 , Concept: Name 名字
    Notes: (CCD '常' 5; FE '常' 6)
  3. cháng adjective constant / persistent / long-lasting / eternal / nitya
    Domain: Buddhism 佛教
    Notes: 常 is synonymous with 恒久 in this sense (BL 'nitya'; CCD '常' 2; FE '常' 2; FGDB '常').
  4. cháng adjective common / general / ordinary
    Domain: Classical Chinese 古文
    Notes: 常 is synonymous with 一般, 普通, or 正常 in this sense (CCD '常' 1; FE '常' 1; Unihan '常').
  5. cháng noun a principle / a rule
    Domain: Classical Chinese 古文
    Notes: (CCD '常' 5; FE '常' 5)

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Collection Document Title Occurrences
Daode Jing 《道德經》 With commentary by 王弼 Wang Bi 65
Book of Later Han 《後漢書》 卷七十八 宦者列傳 Volume 78: Biographies of Eunuchs 46
Book of Song 《宋書》 卷五十一 列傳第十一 宗室 Volume 51 Biographies 11: Zong shi 43
Records of the Three Kingdoms 《三國志》 卷十 魏書十一 袁張涼國田王邴管傳 Volume 10: Book of Wei 10 - Biographies of Xun Yu, Xun You, and Jia Xu 42
Records of the Three Kingdoms 《三國志》 卷十一 魏書十一 袁張涼國田王邴管傳 Volume 11: Book of Wei 11 - Biographies of Yuan, Zhang, Liang, Guo, Tian, Wang, Bing, and Guan 42
Book of Song 《宋書》 卷七十二 列傳第三十二 文九王 Volume 72 Biographies 32: Wen Jiuwang 42
Book of Later Han 《後漢書》 卷十五 李王鄧來列傳 Volume 15: Biographies of Li, Wang, Deng, Lai 39
Book of Jin 《晉書》 卷二十四 志第十四 職官 Volume 24 Treatises 14: Government Service 36
Book of Jin 《晉書》 卷三十七 列傳第七 宗室 Volume 37 Biographies 7: Imperial Clan 33
Records of the Three Kingdoms 《三國志》 卷十三 魏書十三 鍾繇華歆王朗傳 Volume 13: Book of Wei 13 - Biographies of Zhong Yao, Hua Xin, and Wang Lang 32