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Chinese Notes

主席 zhǔxí

zhǔxí noun chairperson / chairman
Domain: Politics 政治

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Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
Media articles 中国美术馆 China National Art Gallery - Fragment a (2015-12-25) 1
Media articles 习近平同津巴布韦总统姆南加古瓦会谈 Xin Jinping Meets President of Zimbabwe Mnangagwa 1


Simplified Traditional Example Example Reference Frequency
军主席 軍主席 軍主席闡文 Book of Southern Qi 《南齊書》 卷三十八 列傳第十九 蕭景先 蕭赤斧 子穎冑 Volume 38 Biographies 19: Xiao Jingxian, Xiao Chifu, Zi Yingzhou 2