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Chinese Notes

附着 (附著) fùzhuó

fùzhuó verb to adhere
Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语

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Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
Wenxuan 《文選》 卷六 Scroll 6 2
Wenxuan 《文選》 卷七 Scroll 7 2
History of Ming 《明史》 卷二百八十五 列傳第一百七十三 文苑一 Volume 285 Biographies 173: Literature 1 1
History of Jin 《金史》 卷十三 本紀第十三: 衞紹王 Volume 13 Annals 13: Wei Shaowang 1
Wenxuan 《文選》 卷十五 Scroll 15 1
Wenxuan 《文選》 卷三十七 Scroll 37 1
Stratagems of the Warring States 《戰國策》 卷八 齊一 Chapter 8: Qi I 1
Stratagems of the Warring States 《戰國策》 卷二十四 魏三 Chapter 24: Wei III 1
History of Jin 《金史》 卷五十一 志第三十二: 選舉一 進士諸科律科 經童科 制舉 武舉 試學士院官 司天、醫學試科 Volume 51 Treatises 32: Selection of Officials 1 - Jinshi in all Subjects and Legal Articles; Children Passing Examinations; Processes for Selecting Talented People; Successful Candidates in the Military Examinations; Institutions Administering Examinations; Astronomy Bureau; Examinations for Medicine 1
History of Yuan 《元史》 卷五十二 志第四:  曆一 Volume 52 Treatises 5: Calendar 1 1


Simplified Traditional Example Example Reference Frequency
谓附着 謂附著 謂附著於人 Wenxuan 《文選》 卷七 Scroll 7 2