1. proper noun Hebei
    Domain: Places 地方 , Subdomain: China , Concept: Province 省
    Notes: Abbreviation for 河北 (Guoyu '冀' n 2; Unihan '冀'; XHZD '冀', p. 320)
  2. verb to hope
    Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
    Notes: In the sense of 希望 (Guoyu '冀' v; Kroll 2015 '冀', p. 187; Mathews 1931 '冀', p. 58; Unihan '冀')
  3. proper noun Jizhou
    Domain: History 历史 , Subdomain: China , Concept: Province 州
    Notes: Short for Jizhou 冀州, one of the Nine Provinces 九州 of ancient China, located approximately in present-day Shanxi (Guoyu '冀' n 1)

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