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Chinese Notes

Wenxuan 《文選》

An anthology of poetry covering the Warring States to c. 500 by 萧统 Xiao Tong (501-531) with commentary by 李善 Li Shan (630-689)

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Wikisource, accessed 2018-07-10,昭明文選.

English translations

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  • Knechtges, David R 1987, Wen Xuan or Selections of Refined Literature, Volume 2: Rhapsodies on Sacrifices, Hunting, Travel, Sightseeing, Palaces and Halls, Rivers and Seas, Princeton: Princeton University Press.
  • Knechtges, David R 1996, Wen Xuan or Selections of Refined Literature, Volume 3: Rhapsodies on Natural Phenomena, Birds and Animals, Aspirations and Feelings, Sorrowful Laments, Literature, Music, and Passions, Princeton: Princeton University Press.
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